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Frequent Asked Questions

How many guests can I have?

Our party packages are priced for 10 children, if you go above the 10 children your host will charge you accordingly. Our rooms have seating for a maximum of 20 people, so please take this into consideration when inviting guests.



Does everyone need socks?

Yes everyone including adults must wear socks. This is a safety and health regulation for everyone in our facility. 



Can I bring in food? Cake? Drinks?

You are welcome to bring in any food, cake or drinks. We do have storage for ice cream cakes.Your party package supplies the children with water and one juice/pop. You can bring in extra, or something for the adults.



Do I need to bring cutlery, plates etc?

Depending on your party package:

The basic party you must bring in any plates, cups, napkins, cutlery for any guests. If you are bringing food for adults we ask you bring supplies for them.

If you are the themed package we provide the children with a plate, cup, napkin and cutlery to coordinate the theme. If you are bringing food for adults we ask you bring supplies for them.



What time can I come before my birthday?

We ask that you come no sooner than 15 minutes before, our staff are working hard to clean and prepare your room for your arrival. 


How long is a birthday Party?

Birthday parties run for 1 hour and 45 minutes. We usually find that the best way to run your party is to do bounce time for 1 hour and then allow the kids to have food/cake if you are planning that and then continue to bounce for the remainder of the party. This allows the kids to burn off energy, have a small break and then continue playing. Many people decide to take presents home to open rather than spending time opening them in our facility. 


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