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Rental Jumps

We have several option for your special event! No matter what age, size or party you are throwing we have something for you!

Dino Bouncers employees have completed significant training in safety courses to ensure that you will have a comfortable, safe, and gratifying experience. For additional information on our safety procedures, equipment, and further details, click here.

Click on a specific jump to see pictures, prices, dimensions and age recommendations. Check out some videos here. Take a look at what other customers have said about our products and service.




Toddler Equipment




Rental Games

Like our jumps, we provide a variety of games to choose from, so that you can design your party the way you want it.

For additional information on our safety procedures, equipment, and further details, click here.

Our Individual Games

Click on specific game link to see a 3D view of the game (where available).  We also have videos of our games in action. Take a look at what other customers have said about our products and service.

Mega BallOn TargetFlutterbyBocce Ball
CroqkickGiant TwisterGiant CheckersGiant Snakes & Ladders
Giant Pick Up SticksGiant JengaSack RacesGiant Ludo
Giant DominoesHopping MadHydroblasterSkittles
Giant JacksGiant Scrabble  Gone FishinCannonball Drop
Penguin Fish Fling Golf Challenge


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