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In General

All games available for rent. As with all of our activities - supervision is necessary to prevent injury!

Games are cleaned frequently, and inspected yearly. We use hospital grade germicidal solution to clean our equipment.

We will come and deliver the game, and at the end of your rental time, we will come and take it down. The cost for set up and take down is included in the rental cost. Set up time is before your rental time, therefore, when you rent for 2 hours, you play for 2 hours!


Our employees have been educated and certified in the Inflatable Structure Safety Course. This course is recognized by ROAR (Responsible Operators of Amusement Rentals). We have been in business in the Regina area for 5 years. We have never had a claim for injury brought forward. The employees are educated in several business courses and a special course “Birthday University”. Our goal is to make your experience memorable and worry free. We are members of Tourism Regina, East Regina Business Association.

High winds are a big concern for us. A slight drizzle of rain is not a problem. Pouring rain, not a problem, but who wants to play in pouring rain anyway? The temperature must be at least 5-10 degrees celsius for outside rentals, otherwise they have to be inside rentals.


We don't take a deposit; therefore, if the weather is a problem, no one loses anything. Just pay either by cheque or cash when we come to set up.

We can set up just about anywhere. In backyards, on driveways, in parks or in school gyms. Check with us for the dimensions specific to your rental. We have a size for everyone and every event.

For more details please look at our terms and conditions.

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